SPIRIT Schools of Ministry are dedicated to honor and dignity, driven by a passionate love for God and a desire to produce men and women who will minister with abandonment before their Lord. We are people of impact who know our assignment from God for our lives and a will to do His will.

We are multi-generational and multi-cultural lovers of God's Word, God's presence and God's people. We vigorously pursue The Truth, embrace the Father and seek the inspirational leading of Holy Spirit in and through our lives today. Our mission is to equip men and women, young and old to host the Power and Presence of God every moment of every day of their lives


CrossWalk is a school of discipleship for young adults (ages 18-25) who are ready to make an impact on their generation! Jesus said, "Follow Me." Are you ready to answer His call and become a committed disciple of Jesus?

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SPIRIT Training

This program is designed to develop and equip candidates who desire to serve the Lord in the true Biblical sense of a minister. A servant is a person that walks as a true-disciple of Christ before God and man.

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F.A.S.T. Track

F.A.S.T. Track is a 9-month training program that develops young leaders with the confidence to operate in all areas of life. The leadership skills are developed with one-on-one training.

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Advanced Leadership Training

Servant-Leader Training prepares designated individuals as servant-leaders for the Lord's specific purpose of leading and guiding His church in stewarding God's heritage.

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School of Prophecy

We teach and train ministers to be dedicated to effectively hearing the voice of God and accurately discern the Rhema Word of God. Understand the authority of the spoken Word of God.

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School of Worship

Our mission is to bring the corporate Body of Christ into the manifest presence of the Lord, equipping worship leaders and worship teams in the essentials of corporate worship.

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