About Us


Bob & Cindy Wilk, Pastor, School of Ministry

Bob and Cindy have been involved with the ministry at Word of Life for over 35 years and are part of the leadership team that supplies pastoral oversight for the School of Ministry. During this time God has developed their hearts for a mission of empowering people to experience the fullness of God’s Kingdom. Their desire is to see leaders raised up in the church that will influence all walks of life. They have 4 children and 5 grandchildren and many other spiritual children whom they love and adore.


Pat & Celene McDonald, Senior Pastors

Pat and his wife, Celene, have been the Senior Pastors of Word of Life Fellowship in Mi Wuk Village, California, since 2003.  Having trained in the WLF Ministers Training program for many years and having served as Youth Pastors, they were ordained as the Associate Pastors in 1984.  For the next 19 years, they ministered in different capacities in the church, giving them a unique understanding of how God is building His church and that relationship with God and one another is the key to His heart.

Pat also has the unique perspective of being a successful business owner, allowing him to relate to ministry in the church as well as in the world that we’ve been called to change.  He knows how to serve in the arena of business and the community, always putting His Father’s will first. His experience gives him the great advantage of understanding the importance of godly character and ethics to show Christ to the world.  Pat retired from his machining and manufacturing business in 2004 to go into full-time ministry in the church, but he has kept his passion for teaching biblical business principles and integrity to Christian business owners.

Pat McDonald is a man with a strong prophetic teaching anointing that enables him to clearly and accurately communicate deep revelations of the Kingdom of God and the role of the church in these last days.  His understanding of five-fold ministry, team leadership, local church government, fathering the next generation, the moving of the Holy Spirit, and of the current prophetic-apostolic reformation sweeping the earth make Pat one of the rising apostolic voices of our time.